150th Birthday Fund

Gifts that keep on Giving.

One of the most exciting parts of birthdays are presents. But the older you get, the more exciting it is to give presents than receive them. So as we approach our 150th birthday as a church, we plan to do some serious giving. –Giving that celebrates the work we’ve already invested in over the past 150 years, but also magnifies the continuing impact it has on God’s kingdom because there’s no better gift than the kind that keeps on giving.

Throughout our history as a church, we’ve realized that our most effective gifts fit into 5 categories. 


All of our birthday presents are from those five areas and are designed to make an immediate and lasting impact. We have identified several different gifts and will give as many as God’s generosity through our church allows.  We will unwrap them in groups of three with a total value of $150,000 per group.  When each group is funded, we will give the gifts and move on to the next group. We’re going to need a lot of wrapping paper because these are just the beginning of the presents we hope to give this year.

Group A:  Families and Kids all over the world. 

Present 1: Sponsor a building as part of the new expansion of River of Life in Brazil 
Present 2: Fund the launching of a new Families Free house 
Present 3: Scholarships for FCC Preschool

Group B:  New Churches, New Leaders, and New Life

Present 4: Continue our legacy of church planting by partnering to plant a new church in 2022. 
Present 5: Investing in long-term strategic maintenance to our building to improve our ability to serve the community.
Present 6: Milligan Ministry Leadership Program Endowment – This investment strengthens the endowment to fund more scholarships for ministry students.

Group C:  To be revealed when Group B is funded

Group D:  To be revealed when Group C is funded

Ready to Give?

Giving is open now and you can give online or by sending a check to the church marked for the 150th Birthday Fund. Of course, please do not choose to give to this fund in place of your regular tithe to the general budget. That must always be our first priority. This project is designed to be in addition to our regular budget as a special celebration of our 150th anniversary as a church.

Give Now

We will celebrate in lots of ways this year, worship services, concerts, banquets, and even road races. But these gifts from our church to our community and to the world will be one of the most lasting ways we celebrate. Our birthday will be something celebrated not just by us, but others too. These aren’t gifts to the church, they’re gifts through the church, and it’s amazing what God can do with even the smallest of gifts, so we trust that God will magnify these gifts for the purposes of the Kingdom.