Dinner for 8 Registration

Dinner for 8 Registration
Tuesday, June 1 | 12:00am - Wednesday, June 30 | 11:00pm

Location: Various Locations (See Event Details)

Contact: Kathy Smtih | Email

Dinner for 8 Registration will run through the month of June Dinner for 8 allows for eight adults (couples and singles) to get together to fellowship in a casual outdoor setting. This is a great opportunity to get to know people in this church that go to another service or are in a different time in their lives than you. Each group of 8 will be together for 8 weeks (July - August), with the goal to get together with one another at least 4 times. It could be a Sunday lunch, a coffee or dessert, a dinner in someone's backyard or at the FCC pavilion, a game night, or a park picnic. The purpose is to get to know each other, not to be fancy. Each group will have a Captain that will be the motivator for the "8". The captain will lead the planning for the first meeting/meal. Register at www.fcc-jc.org/eight More info: Kathy Smith at 423-722-7201 or ksmith@fcc-jc.org

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