Imagine if an entire church committed to the same mission.

100 years ago, our church tried. And it worked.
First Christian Church was known throughout our community as a people who worshiped, loved, served, and discipled well. We frequently recommitted ourselves to the same mission and spurred each other toward lives that look like Jesus. 
It took the form of a simple commitment card. Through it, members of this church pledged to live out the gospel in the most basic, yet impactful ways.
Regularly attending church. Serving within our church and community. Investing in a group where discipleship is a priority. And inviting others into the same life. Individual commitments led to collective impact.
Times change and the methods differ, but the mission always remains. 

It’s the same DNA, and our turn to live it.


The things that get our first and best attention are what we end up loving the most. And we prove what’s important to us by what we make a priority. Our commitment to love God begins with a commitment to Worship. We make it a priority to show up each week, setting aside specific time to center our lives around God. From that commitment flows a desire to love God all the time.

Sermon - Love God

LOVE Everyone

We will be people who are known by our love. That’s how Jesus says we are going to be recognized as his followers. Our commitment to love everyone means we find ways to serve. We step out from the sidelines and participate in the work of God.


Make Disciples

Making disciples begins with being a disciple –someone who is actively seeking to become more like Jesus. While we’re doing that, we make strategies to find others and point each other toward Jesus. Our commitment to making disciples leads us to commit to groups where intentional and strategic discipleship is the priority.


Tell your story

We tell the truth. That’s all Jesus asks from us. We tell people what we’ve seen God do in our lives and invite others to open themselves up to the story God has for them. Our commitment to telling our story means we pay attention to the specific people in our lives who need hope and to whom we have unique access and relationship.


Commitment Card

We're in this together. Our individual commitments lead to collective impact.
Commitment Card

To Live the DNA and advance the mission of First Christian Church, I joyfully make the following commitments.*