What was once buried 
in impossibilities and disappointment,

now blooms with hope and life. 

Easter is a story full of surprises.
We invite you to experience the surprises that only Jesus makes possible.

Easter Services

Saturday, April 8
3:00 pm | 5:00 pm

FCC Kids Programming
Birth through 5th Grade

Sunday, April 9
8:15 am | 9:45 am | 11:15 AM*

*Live Spanish Translation at 11:15

FCC Kids Programming
Birth through 5th Grade

Easter Online


 3:00 pm | 5:00 pm


8:15 am | 9:45 am* | 11:15 am

*Facebook livestream available
On-Demand beginning
Sunday afternoon


Journey to the Cross Prayer Experience

Center yourself around Jesus

Have you ever wondered what Jesus experienced in his days leading up to the cross? Hear, smell, and see along with Jesus as you walk from the Garden to the Grave. There will be no regular Wed night programming this week.

Thursday & Friday, April 6-7th

Saturday, April 8th