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Current Series

You Are Here, Pray Like This

In every moment and season of life, prayer is the right response. And yet many of us are a little stuck when it comes to prayer. Regardless of what your prayer life looks like right now, this series will take a practical look at the real situations of our lives and what our next steps in prayer could be.



Christmas is often about WHAT or WHEN—what to buy, what to wear to that Christmas party, when to open presents, or when will the madness be over? But really, Christmas is about WHO. And that changes everything. HE changes everything.

Greatest Hits

A series devoted to reliving some of the greatest messages delivered to our church over the last 150 years

In Order To Form A More Perfect...

What does it mean to be a citizen of Christ’s kingdom and be a citizen of the kingdoms of this world?  Can a Christian be both?  Do we live as a blessing or a curse?  And how do we do this when it seems that the world is hostile to our faith.  We will learn from the Prophet Jeremiah as he teaches God’s people in exile to live for the good of the nation where God has placed them. 


Second fiddle, second best, second place, second choice. All of us have felt the sting of feeling like we weren't part of the A-team. But theBible makes it clear that God can do world-changing work through the unexpected people of the world. Don't miss one week of our fun summer series as we look at how God uses more than just the A-team. You may feel like you are on the B-TEAM but with God you can change the world.

We Are God's Plan A

How does God plan to deal with the problems facing our world.  What is God’s plan for caring for the poor, and raising kids and healing the racial divide?  These are questions Christian have been facing since the founding of the church.  From the books Acts we will see God’s answer.  We are God’s plan A (and there is no plan B.) God is working through the church and to address the needs of the world.  Don’t miss your part in God’s plans! 

This Is Your Story

For almost 2000 years, God’s church has kept following Jesus, making disciples and reaching the whole world and teaching everyone to Love God and Love Others.  And for 150 years, the outpost of God’s church called First Christian Church has done the same.  It's your story because we get to celebrate the legacy of God’s people and it is your story because we are the ones who must continue the story into the future that God has prepared for us.