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Current Series


Life In Exile

We now live lives in exile. So how we do live in exile? Learn from the exiled - one of the ways to learn that is to look at the people who made it through and learn from them. And in that, you live a life trusting that God will make a way for you to do the most good where you are. 

Road Trips

In life, we are always on the move. Maybe it’s a summer vacation to somewhere we've never been. Maybe it's returning to the hometowns where we grew up. Maybe the big moves in your life are to new schools, new jobs, or new relationships. No matter where we’re moving, the good news is our God is on the move with us.

One Month to Live

What if you knew that you had one month to live? How would you live differently? What would you change? Whom would you forgive, or love or celebrate? This question can give us clarity about what really matters and how we could change our lives. And once we know the answer, there is nothing to stop us from living every day like we have One Month to Live.


Christmas is often about WHAT or WHEN—what to buy, what to wear to that Christmas party, when to open presents, or when will the madness be over? But really, Christmas is about WHO. And that changes everything. HE changes everything.