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Current Series

Eyewitness Good News

Have you ever wished for an in-depth investigation of Jesus? Good news! That’s exactly what Luke the Physician did back in the first-century. Luke set out to give a reliable account of Jesus’ life and ministry, interviewed eyewitnesses, investigated carefully the events of Jesus’ life, and ordered and recorded all that he learned in a document that came to be known as the Gospel of Luke.

Setting Sail

In Setting Sail, we will learn some simple spiritual practices that can help us catch the wind of God’s Spirit and be propelled for spiritual growth.  

Torn Together

Our pain can tear us apart from one another, but the truth is, we are all torn and need each other to recover. God's desire is to heal us as we are Torn Together. 

The DNA of FCC

In this series we explore four essential commands of Jesus that form the foundation of our church as we uncover the DNA of FCC.

Summer Playlist

In the Bible, we are given a playlist to hear within the Psalms. Join us as we discover the Bible's own Summer Playlist!