Production Team

Production Teams

Keeping the message loud and clear.

FCC's core message is that God's love is for everyone–especially you. On the production team, we use all kinds of tools to help that message land on every heart, free of distractions in our in-person and online services.

We come from all backgrounds of creative and technical expertise from live sound and graphics to cameras and lighting. We get to push lots of buttons and use plenty of cool toys, but our true measure of success is when people don't notice any of it. When we're good at what we do, our tools fall into the background and worship becomes front and center.

What to Expect

The Production Team is in action every Sunday for each service, with some roles helping with worship rehearsals and recordings during the week. Most team members serve one or two times per month.

If you have experience in any of the following areas, great! If not, even better! We love to train and empower people. Whether it's running cables, configuring the stream, setting up cameras, mixing audio or running graphics, the Production Team is a place for anyone to serve.


  • Audio Mixer
  • Camera Operator
  • Lighting Operator
  • Graphics Operator
  • Video Switcher

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