What would it look like if church was really for everyone?

We're on a mission to find out.

Jesus' life pointed to a pretty radical level of inclusion. Offering an invitation to everyone.
Not us, not them-but everyone.

That's the foundation of this church. 

We call that the Gospel, and as a church, we’ve really latched onto that truth. It’s something that takes on legs everywhere around here, from our worship and groups, to our outreach and kids ministry. We hope you’ll hang around here long enough to experience it for yourself.

We know that visiting a church isn’t always the most comfortable experience, so we work really hard to make FCC a great place to be new.

Here’s what you can look forward to.

Parking is a breeze.

We’ve got plenty of close spots available each week, but if you’re new, our parking team always has one right up front with your name on it. Just flash your lights to let us know you’re here.

Every door is the front door.

We have several entrances to the building, but any of them will meet you with a warm welcome from our greeting team. They’ll point you in the direction of coffee and snacks, whichever service or class you’re headed to, as well as where to take your kids.

Your kids are in good hands.

If you’ve got kids, we’re excited to meet them! We have incredible kids and student ministries here. Students

in middle and high school have plenty of options down in The Mountcastle Center, while your younger kids birth-5th grade have exciting activities up on the main campus. Checking them in is as easy as visiting the FCC Kids welcome desk in the atrium. There are electronic kiosks available to get your kids ready for fun.

Worship for everyone.

This is a church full of all kinds of people, and we love it that way.

We have five worship services spread across two venues every Sunday at 8:15 am, 9:45 am, & 11:15 am. All of them have something for everyone. Check out what each one is like here.

Groups and serving.

What happens on Sunday is just the tip of the iceberg. We think the best things in life happen in community. At FCC, that happens best in our groups and serving teams. Community happens everywhere you look, but you can start here.