“What do we need in our present moment and how can we use this opportunity to prepare for the future?”

This is the question that has led a team to bring forward a strategy that will increase our ministry flexibility today and into the future. 

We are excited to move forward with a Worship Center Refresh plan that remove limitations and enable new strategies by installing new lights, transitioning from pews to chairs, and, while this work is happening, applying a fresh coat of paint and new carpet.

These changes will serve us in important ways. Chairs will allow for greater flexibility in our seating so that we can meet current social distancing requirements and adapt quickly to any future changes that might be needed. Chairs will allow us to make use of the room for other events that require social distancing but benefit from various seating configurations. 

New lighting will allow us to continue to improve our video quality for our broadcast services. This season has demonstrated the vital importance of our TV and internet broadcasts to reach many people but especially the many who are not able or ready to attend service in person. The core lighting infrastructure of the sanctuary is more than 30 years old and is becoming an increasing challenge as we have relied so heavily on the quality of our video service to allow everyone to continue worshiping in this season.

The total cost of this project is just under $200,000 and we are overjoyed that more than half of this project has already been funded by direct gifts outside of general fund giving. This means that we can confidently begin the sanctuary updates right away. However it also means that we still need more people to recognize the value of this opportunity and participate through financial support.

You can help in lots of ways. Perhaps you want to buy a chair or buy chairs for your whole family. You won’t know which one is yours, but you will know that you invested in the mission functionality of our facility at an important time. Some will want to make larger gifts to underwrite the painting or lights or flooring installation.

Here are some practical ways you can be part of this project*

  • Buy 1 or more chairs at around 100 dollars each.

  • Buy 1 or more lights at 500 dollars each.

  • Make a gift of some other amount to invest in these important upgrades.


*A gift for Capital Projects provides funds for large projects identified by the church leadership. The current active project includes the refresh of the worship center. Gifts to Capital Projects that exceed the expenses for the current project will be used for future capital needs.