FCC KIDS. They're the present and the future.

Kids aren't just the next big thing, they're here right now, ready to be mobilized for mission in God's Kingdom.

FCC Kids is the place where your child will be loved, grow, have fun, and learn to live as a follower of Christ in a safe environment. The Bible is never boring and they will always be welcomed by our passionate, caring leaders. Through classes, worship services, and special events, we partner with families to raise up the next generation of God's people, teaching them to know God and live out God's great love for them. It's so amazing to watch them get their first glimpses of God and begin their relationship with Jesus.

Fun–and then some!

Even in the crazy season we're in, you can count on your elementary and early childhood aged kids having a blast at FCC. There are all kinds of awesome events and small groups happening throughout each week, so check out the featured events below to see what's coming up.

VIRTUAL PROGRAMMING | SUNDAYS 9:45 & 11:15 am | ZOOM ROOM 4232325703
Every Sunday morning, you can join us at 9:45 am or 11:15 am in our Zoom Room, 4232325703, for weekly programming that's full of interactive fun with friends and FCC Kids leaders. Use password 423232 to join in!

featured Events


Adam Proffitt
Middle School Minister & Family Team Leader
Andrea Hodges
Children's Minister

office: (423) 232-5700, ext. 221

Jessica Geiger
Early Childhood Minister

office: (423) 232-5700, ext. 220

Konnor Donahue
Elementary Minister

office: (423)232-5700, ext. 223