Our missionaries locally and abroad are uniquely positioned to reach people for Christ. We serve them as encouragers and supporters both in prayer and resources.


Milligan University

Milligan University seeks to honor God by educating men and women to be servant‑leaders. As a premier Christian liberal arts college where Jesus Christ is exalted and excellence is the standard, Milligan’s vision is to change lives and shape culture through a commitment to Christian leadership.

Emmanuel Christian Seminary at Milligan University

Emmanuel Christian Seminary at Milligan University is a graduate seminary located near Johnson City, Tennessee, in the heart of the spectacular Blue Ridge Mountains. Established in 1965, the school seeks to fulfill the mission of the Church by preparing men and women for effective ministry.

Johnson University

Johnson University, a private, co-educational institution of higher learning offering associate, baccalaureate, and graduate degrees, strives to be faithful through twenty-first century methods to its historic purpose of preparing students to preach the Gospel.

TCM International

TCM comes alongside Christians who are leading in their own countries and have a passion for reaching their people for Christ.  Through our institute we can develop a Christian leader for ministry for only 1% of the cost it would take to send a U.S. missionary to that same country.  Since these individuals already know the cultures and languages, they are able to have successful ministries and are equipped for a lifetime of service.

Missions & Organizations

Appalachian Christian Camp (Camp ACC)

Camp ACC is a non-denominational Christian Summer Camp for youth entering Kindergarten through 12th grade. The camp program begins the first of June and continues through the summer, in early August. Camp ACC teaches Christian principles and values in a fun and exciting way that challenges today's youth.

Chaplaincy Endorsement Commission

The Chaplaincy Endorsement Commission (CEC), an agency of the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ, provides endorsement and pastoral care of chaplains and counselors in ministry who serve in a variety of ways using agencies such as the military, hospitals, prisons, and corporations.

Ability Ministry

Ability Ministry exists to enhance the lives of persons with physical and developmental disabilities, and to promote the welfare of persons with mental and physical disabilities through direct care, education and training, and enabling others through training, resources, and encouragement to effectively minister to persons with disabilities. As an independent Christian non-profit ministry, the Christian Churches Disability Ministry (CCDM) strives to enhance the lives of persons with disabilities in three ways:

1. Providing services for persons with developmental disabilities including residence, job placement, opportunities for social interaction, and spiritual growth.

2. Seeking partnership with individuals, churches, and other organizations to meet the physical and spiritual needs of persons with disabilities.

3. Enabling others through training, resources, and encouragement to effectively minister.

East TN Children's Home and Academy (ETCHA)

East Tennessee Christian Home and Academy is a ministry dedicated to “Growing Girls God’s Way.” We exist to provide a Christ-centered ministry to help at-risk adolescent girls and their families in need of respite and/or reprieve. ETCHA offers hope by giving a safe home with kind-hearted, Christian house parents and staff; through nationally recognized biblically-based academics; and through learning about what Christ can bring to life! ETCHA receives no state funding and depends on gifts from generous donors to make the ministry successful.

ETSU Student Fellowship (The Campus House)

The Christian Student Fellowship (The Campus House) is a group of students committed to knowing our Savior and serving HIM as a community on the campus of East Tennessee State University. Our House is just across University Parkway from ETSU’s Parking Services at 829 W. Pine Street. This ministry is supported by several Christian Churches and Churches of Christ and individuals in Tennessee, Virginia, and North Carolina.

European Evangelistic Society

The European Evangelistic Society exists to develop international leaders for significant service. This includes, in partnership with TCM International Institute (www.tcmi.org), leaders from Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East. Through the Institute for the Study of Christian Origins located in Tübingen, Germany, and its ongoing partnership with the Protestant Faculty at the University of Tübingen, EES is actively involved in research supervision and publication.  This mission expresses itself in three primary areas of ministry: 1. To develop international leaders through advanced studies; 2. To assist emerging leaders in researching and publication of relevant national articles, books and other materials; and 3. To help encourage the establishment and development of churches, colleges, and agencies focused on evangelism and disciple making.

Good News Productions International

GNPI is a non-profit organization that accelerates global evangelism through media. Ziden Nutt founded GNPI in 1976. Ziden experienced first-hand on the mission field the desperate need for missionaries and nationals to have culturally relevant Biblical resources. As a result, Ziden began producing simple filmstrip series using language and images from the local culture. Today, nearly four decades later, GNPI works through regional centers and teams throughout the world. GNPI creates culturally relevant materials to serve the 80% of people in the unreached world who cannot read or prefer visual materials.

International Conference on Missions

The International Conference on Missions exists to Encourage, Equip and enlist workers for the Harvest. Known as the National Missionary Convention until 2011, the International Conference On Missions has been serving missionaries and the Great Commission since 1948.  In March of 1948, J. Russell Morse was in the home of John T. Chase for dinner, and asked, “Why isn’t there a gathering for missionaries?” He went on to express the need for a time where missionaries can talk shop, fellowship and encourage each other.  So in 1948, the day prior to the NACC start, a few dozen missionaries got together.  That practice continued for several years growing to a few hundred people. Then in 1954, the National Missionary Convention was formed as it’s own conference.

World Convention of Christian Churches & Churches of Christ

Every few years a World Convention is held in a different part of the world. Gatherings bring together people from the ‘Christian’ family of Churches (Christian – Churches of Christ – Disciples) from around the world. The Gatherings focus on meaningful worship (including outstanding preaching and inspirational music), learning (with study of significant themes), contemporary evangelism (Bader Lectures) and global fellowship. All ages are catered for. World Convention is the ‘flagship’ of the churches with their origin in the 19th Century Restoration Movement.

FAME Partnering in Medical Evangelism

FAME is focusing, in new ways, on the global mission field to establish long-term sustainable results. It’s a new day at FAME! Together with you, we are partners in medical evangelism. FAME continues to look forward, as we preach the kingdom of God and heal the sick until Jesus’ return!

International Disaster Emergency Service (IDES)

IDES exists to meet physical and spiritual needs of suffering people throughout the world in the name of Jesus Christ.


Steve & Kay Carpenter: CMF - Mexico City, Mexico
Preston & Kristin Coursey: CMF - Thailand
Aaron & Morganne Weeks: CMF - Ethiopia, Africa
Jeff & Monica Fife: River of Life Ministries - Brazil
Tom & Libby Fife: Retired - Portugal Christian Mission
Valsa Thomas: Christian Evangelical Fellowship - India
Leonard Thompson: Strategic World Evangelism - India
Michael & Rosalind Trusty: Team Expansion - New Zealand


Nikki Hunt
Executive Minister