We're in this together.

Some of us have been put through the wringer. Thrown under the bus. Dragged through the mud. Hanging by a thread.

Every season of life has its unique challenges, and it might feel like things will never be the same, but know this:

You aren't stuck, and God isn't finished.

For all the times those words don't feel true, our Care and Recovery Ministry would love to prove it to you.

Moving forward. Together.

At FCC we offer hope and help through the redeeming, healing love of God - shown through caring leaders, groups that matter, and insights that make a difference.

Through one-to-one guidance from experienced leaders, we comfort hurting parents, support single moms, connect lonely people, give tools to build marriages and conquer sexual sin, and encourage people dealing with rejection, confusion, isolation, addiction, or loss of employment or a loved one.

One-to-one guidance is just part of the healing process. It's so important to know that you aren't going through your struggles alone, and some of the most powerful healing comes through connecting with others who are going through similar life challenges. We encourage you to explore our Care & Recovery Groups.

To get in touch with one of our recovery and care team leaders, fill out the fully confidential form below.

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Meeting you where you are.

We're for everyone and everyone. God loves those who are left out. All over scripture, we see examples of Jesus seeking out the lonely and outcast. We know how important it is to remain connected to community when you are homebound or in the hospital. Sure we've got a building, but the Church isn't confined to those four walls. Let us know where you are and we'll come to you.

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