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Building Usage Request

Building Usage

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Specific exterior doors to open for event:

Do you have a staff member helping with the event?

Are you using the FCC-JC facility as:*

What is your expected attendance?*

Does this event reoccur?*

What kind of reoccurrence will it be?

Will your event have food?*

What kind of room set up would you like?

Additional resources needed:

What will you use to display your presentation?*

Do you need use of power outlets?*

Do you need use of the sound board by a trained FCC Production Team member?*

Do you need use of the projectors by a trained FCC Production Team member?*

Do you need lights (other than generic house lights) that will need to be operated by a trained Production Team member?*

Do you require any special set up or staging needs beyond traditional set up of the room?*

Worship Center/CLC Tech:

*Please note that events in the Worship Center or CLC (including weddings, conferences, lectures, etc.) requiring sound, projection or lighting will require a trained FCC Production Team member to be present. Larger events may require two members. Reasonable fees and arrival time of FCC Production Team member will be determined by FCC Production Staff.

Vehicle Usage Request

Vehicle Usage Form

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Are you approved as a driver by the church office? (If you have not previously submitted a copy of your driver's license to Sharon Malone, our FCC-JC business manager, this must be done three weeks prior to using the vehicle for a driving record screen an*

Specific Vehicle(s) Requested:*

Return Options:*

Is this a recurring event?*

I have read and agree to all the FCC-JC vehicle use policies and procedures*