No matter how nice our life, everyone has a dumpster. 

That place where we try to hide the things that feel broken or bad. The place where we bury what hurts and what failed.
God isn't in the trash business, though. 
Everything has purpose and usefulness in God's economy–able to be redeemed and reclaimed. Even what we consider the trash of our lives.

Let's partner together as a church to go dumpster diving with God, who is good enough to heal, redeem, reclaim, and restore.

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Week 1

Our failures can be tough to reconcile –vivid reminders of where we fall short.
The good news is that some of God's best work is done through our weaknesses.

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Week 2

Our pain and brokenness is far from useless.
Only God has the ability to put our pieces back together in ways that turn the suffering we've experienced into a powerful force for comforting others.

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Week 3

Sometimes our answer to the hopelessness in our dumpster is to just bide our time. To occupy ourselves with something else, distracted by whatever seems shiny in the moment.
But there's an opportunity for usefulness in every moment of our lives. God knows how to call us out of the cycles of doom-scrolling and into something far more purposeful.

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Week 4

Before we know it, the things we see as valuable can become nothing more than a paperweight. 
God invites us to trade out the temporary for the permanent. Never obsolete, always full of purpose. 

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Week 5

God is an incredible author. Just when we feel like something is final or our story is over, God has so much more planned. Your past is a beautiful introduction to the amazing future ahead of you.

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Dumpster Diving isn't a solo sport.

You need backup when you're dealing with a dumpster.

The link below will take you to a list of local resources and referrals to professionals who can offer you specialized help.