When we try to love everyone all at once, we often don't really love anyone.

Love can't be generic, it has to be personal. 
So we need to learn how to love One at a time.
Let's get specific–practical even. Let's take a closer look at the people in our lives who Jesus calls us to love and get strategic with how we can best love them.

We won't get it right away, but together we'll get better at loving every One. 

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week 1

God's purpose for our lives begins and ends with love. But it's so much more than a vague concept. Love is meant to be actionable–lived out in specific and tangible ways. Jesus gives us clear instructions, and we need only look around us to know what the specifics look like.

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week 2 

Most of the people we regularly interact with change throughout our lives—neighbors, coworkers, mailmen, all coming and going in their seasons. But our Family is a permanent fixture. Loving them well takes intentionality and consistency.

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week 3 

The lifestyle of love that Jesus leads us toward is no better exemplified than within the church. It makes people stop and notice that there's something different going on because it's a mutual love.
When we get it right, it's one of our biggest opportunities to transform this world. But as many of us know, when it gets twisted and we get it wrong, the church can become a hurtful place.

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week 4 

Love your neighbor–it's a simple phrase, but perhaps not as obvious as it might seem. It begs the question: In a big world that’s full of people who need to be loved, who exactly is my neighbor?

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week 5 

Just as we are uniquely positioned to show love to our families, church, and neighbors, we have unique opportunities to show love in surprising ways to those who oppose us. It's a tall order, but one that Jesus very clearly demonstrates for us.

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Together, we're getting strategic about how we can start loving one at a time. 

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