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Current Series


Master Class

As the quarantines hits, many of us decided it was a good time to learn something and when you want to learn something you want to learn from a Master.  That is what Master class is all about.  But in this class, we aren’t learning form a master chef or comedian or filmmaker.  We are learning how to live from our Master Christ.  Join together as we seek the master teacher in this Master Class. 

Whatever Happens

From the lockdown of prison Paul wrote a letter to the church in Philippi.  From this masterpiece we learn how to follow Christ in a way that leads to life and unity and endurance and joy.  This message has not faded in its urgency and applicability for today. 

Home Improvement

If your life were a house, what would it be like? A fixer-upper, in need of just a few small repairs, or mostly curb appeal with hidden problems on the inside? Join us in exploring the realities of our lives and discovering the areas in need of home improvement.

Fear Less

What would your life look like if you were fearless? Or maybe if you could just fear less. If Jesus had not been raised from the dead, we would be stuck in our fear with no good news to share. But Jesus is alive! Fear is a liar, the grave is defeated, and you can fear less.

Palm Sunday

As we prepare ourselves for Easter, we look back to Jesus’ last week of life–a week that started so well, We’re going to hear the story in a fresh way, from the perspective of his disciple, Peter. It’s a dark tale, one of betrayal and sadness, but also anticipation and hope. So sit back and prepare yourself to enter into the story as we follow Jesus, even to the point of death.

The Good Life

Every generation has a different idea of what the good life looks like. But how often do we stop to be sure we know what the good life really is, or how we find it? God wants us to have the good life and sent Jesus to accomplish that in our lives. But first, we need to watch and learn what Jesus teaches us about living the good life. 


Our hearts will always follow our investments of time and treasure.  This basic principle of life, that Jesus teaches, is true for all of us.  In this series we will be challenged together to become more invested in the work of God’s kingdom - trusting and relying on God to provide all that we need.   

First Things First

Meeting for the first time, getting to know someone better, going deeper in a relationship - all of this can be complicated. First Things First is about easing the awkwardness of being introduced or reintroduced to Jesus and to FCC-JC, as we explore the basics of Christian faith and the kind of church God is calling us to be. 

Once Upon a Christmas

Gather around—snug and warm, hear the Christmas story like you never have before. Together, we will experience the greatest story ever told through the words of minor characters in the manger scene. Through Herod and the angels, Anna and the shepherds, God tells a story that lives on in our lives, as we encounter the miracle that took place Once Upon a Christmas


When we navigate the roadways, we depend on our GPS. It tells us where to go, how long it will take and how to avoid the inevitable traffic jam. Many of us long for similar clarity as we consider our missionary calling. In this series we will unpack God’s GPS for your mission. We will consider your gifts, God purpose, and most importantly the story that God wants to write in your life.

Hope For Everyone

We face so many struggles that tempt us to give up. But in the midst of all this, God is present and God speaks through God’s Son that there is HOPE for EVERYONE. For five weeks bring your fears and failures, bring your doubt and despair as we encounter a God of hope.