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Current Series

You Are Here, Pray Like This

In every moment and season of life, prayer is the right response. And yet many of us are a little stuck when it comes to prayer. Regardless of what your prayer life looks like right now, this series will take a practical look at the real situations of our lives and what our next steps in prayer could be.



When we navigate the roadways, we depend on our GPS. It tells us where to go, how long it will take and how to avoid the inevitable traffic jam. Many of us long for similar clarity as we consider our missionary calling. In this series we will unpack God’s GPS for your mission. We will consider your gifts, God purpose, and most importantly the story that God wants to write in your life.

Hope For Everyone

We face so many struggles that tempt us to give up. But in the midst of all this, God is present and God speaks through God’s Son that there is HOPE for EVERYONE. For five weeks bring your fears and failures, bring your doubt and despair as we encounter a God of hope.

Summer Cookout

Feeding the 5,000, manna in the wilderness, breakfast on the beach, and sharing of Passover. Like a good summer cookout, some of the best Bible passages center around food. God’s provision ensures there’s plenty for everyone, so come on out for the sermon series Summer Cookout.

This Changes Everything

When everything changes, Jesus can still change everything. When nothing at all changes, Jesus can still change everything. In this series, we'll learn how the resurrection and the gospel changes everything.


God makes promises and keeps them. Our hope is rooted in God’s faithfulness to do what is promised. In this series, we’ll look at the Old Testament to explore the nature of God’s prophetic word and how promises are kept through the person and ministry of Jesus.

Love Like Jesus

Our world is in desperate need of real love. A life of love is God’s desire for God’s people and when we are loving well we are recognized as followers of Christ. In this series we will dig deep into God’s word and the example of Jesus to learn how to Love Like Jesus.

New Testament In A Year (Matthew)

260 Chapters, 52 weeks, 5 chapters per week, 1 chapter per day. Together in 2019 we will read the entire New Testament as we open up God’s word for ourselves to learn from Jesus and explore the gospel.

Let There Be Light

God sent the light of Christ into a dark world desperate for a new word of hope and possibility. And the great news of Christmas is that God isn’t done. God still sends light into the dark corners of our lives and our world.

Jesus of Nazareth, CPA

Money makes us work, worry, fight, stress and most of us need help finding peace in managing our money. In this series, we will turn to scripture and the words of Jesus himself for some advanced training in money management. 

Setting Sail

In Setting Sail, we will learn some simple spiritual practices that can help us catch the wind of God’s Spirit and be propelled for spiritual growth.  

Torn Together

Our pain can tear us apart from one another, but the truth is, we are all torn and need each other to recover. God's desire is to heal us as we are Torn Together.