Would you live differently if you knew you had just a month to live?

We think it would motivate us to live intentionally, without regrets, and on purpose. 
Like Jesus did.
There's no easy way to put it—our lives on earth are temporary. No matter how comfortable we feel, our time here will come to an end. We like to think it will be years, even decades from now. But nothing is guaranteed, and as followers of Jesus, we want to make every second count. 

We have eternity to look forward to, but for right now, let's just call it a month.

One Month Study Guide PDF

week 1 - Living the Dash

Our lives are bookended by two dates—when we are born, and when we die. We don't have control of the dates, but we have full ownership of the dash that sits between them.
How will you spend the time you've been given?

Study Guide (page 23)

Week 2 – Live Passionately

When you've got nothing to lose, you live differently. You spend your moments with purpose, and hopefully, with passion.

Study Guide (page 27)

Week 3 – Love Completely

Our relationships take on new importance in light of the finite amount of time we have. How will this affect our approach to showing love?

Study Guide (page 31)

Week 4 – Learn humbly

Being humbled isn't always comfortable, but it's a posture that we see all throughout scripture. It's key to helping us become better at listening and appreciating those around us.

Study Guide (page 35)

Week 5 – LEave boldly

Let's leave nothing unfinished, with no arrows left in the quiver as we close out our lives without regrets.

Study Guide (page 39)

Get in a Group!

Together, we're asking the tough questions, and together we'll gain new clarity for our lives. 

Find a small group to dive deeper into the series content—several new ones are about to launch!