Weekday Preschool

The First Christian Church Weekday Preschool, in Johnson City, TN, offers an integrated program of activities for children ages two through five years. Our preschool curriculum focuses on math, science, early reading, writing, and creative arts. We believe that learning comes through play and social interaction builds character and confidence in preparation for kindergarten.


  • Chapel service each week.
  • Cooking or science experiments each month.
  • Special programs performed by students each year.
  • Practice of sign language, Spanish, and music.
  • Guest speakers from other countries and learning from and about people with disabilities.
  • Safe and secure learning environment.


The Weekday Preschool is licensed under the Tennessee Department of Human Services.   Each one of our staff meets or exceeds the annual requirements for continuing education hours in early childhood development and are certified in pediatric CPR and first aid.


  • Capacity Status: Now accepting preschool students. Registration continues throughout the school year as spots are available.
  • Child Age: 2-4 years on or before Aug. 15
  • Enrollment Fees & Process:
    • Complete all paperwork at the Weekday Preschool office.
    • Registration requires a one-time, non-refundable payment of $150.00. 
  • Office Hours: Mon. - Fri., 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (Room G17 - to access preschool office, ring buzzer at Preschool Entrance D)
  • More Info: Contact Susan Imboden at or 423-232-5710

Preschool Session Tuition Rate Days  Child Age 
Core Curriculum Only:  (8:30 am - 12:00 pm) $160 / month 2 (T, TH) 2 years
  $225 / month (2 year olds)
$225 / month (3 year olds)
3 (M, W, F) 2 years
3 years
  $350 / month (2 year olds)
$310 / month (3-4 year olds)
5 (M, T, W, TH, F) 2 years
3-4 years

Early Care & Afternoon Care:  (7:30 - 8:30 am & 12:00 - 5:15 pm)
*Child must be enrolled in Core Curriculum to participate in Early & Afternoon Care hours.
*Charges incur by the quarter hour.

$6.50 / hour
(billed by quarter hour)
5 (M, T, W, TH, F) 2-4 years



Susan Imboden
Weekday Preschool Director

office: (423) 232-5700, ext. 213

Sarah Aviles
Lead Educator, Age 2
Konnor Donahue
Assistant Educator, Age 2
Brooke Sanders
Lead Educator, Age 3
Leigh Hinkel
Assistant Educator, Age 3
Megan Hughes
Lead Educator, Age 4
Kaity Phillips
Assistant Educator, Age 4
Casey Lovelace
Lead Educator, Age 4
Hannah Luzadder
Assistant Educator, Age 4